Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Bandung Indah Plaza (Opposite Best Western Premier La Grande Hotel) @ Bandung [Indonesia]

In my review of Best Western Premier La Grande hotel at Bandung, i mentioned that it was right across Bandung Indah Plaza (known as BIP to the locals) and the above depicts the actual proximity!

I decided to generate a blogpost on the mall as i couldn't find much information when i was researching on the hotel's surrounding and thought this entry might come in handy for those who eventually chose Best Western as their choice of accommodation.

Personally, i thought BIP was more like the KSL mall at Johore Bahru yet without the insanely massive crowd that descends on it every weekend by locals and Singaporeans.

Outlets wise, you get a rather good range from fashion, health and beauty, accessories, electronics / gadgets, eyewear, sports and apparels to food & beverages.

My first stop was actually the hypermarket to check out pricing on products that might be sold in Singapore and also to see if there are any local items not commonly seen in Singapore! The cartoon character bottles (Mulan, Ariel, Cinderella, i think) above were actually Aqua water sold at 3,850 rupiah a bottle.

Whenever i travel, i would always bring along a few sachets of Old Town White Coffee but i forgot this time! Resigning to the fate that i might be coffee deprived for the next few days, it was a nice surprise to see packs of Old Town White Coffee in the hypermarket. Problem is; it was sold at more than S$10 a pack! In Singapore, it wouldn't cost more than S$6.50 a pack!

Matahari - a well known department store in Indonesia that's comparable to Metro / OG in the past. The one here at BIP was a three-floor outlet and i remember going through lady fashion, menswear and perfume and cosmetics; think i miss a floor.

Things were a bit dated and didn't attract much attention from us even though mom spent quite a long time at the shoe section. I waited so long; i decided on a timing to meet them at the entrance so that i can walk around the shopping centre by myself!

There's a timezone on the upper level where you can spend some fun time with your kids. I am unsure on the pricing for the rides and arcade games although i guess it wouldn't be as much as what we are paying back home!

For hyperactive kids, dump them at the playground where they can totally expend their energy for just one fee for a specific period of time.

My sisters and i would love to try out the KTV given our love for karaoke (check out postings on Manekineko, Party World, Teo Heng and Kbox). However, we were worried that the song list would be exclusively Bahasa Indonesian!

Cinema XXI - Indonesia's largest cinema network can also be found in BIP! Underworld: Blood Wars was screening and i just asked for the pricing of one ticket; it was a Thursday and the pricing was 25,000 rupiah (less than S$3)!

There was a ton of dining establishments for you to choose from; Singaporeans of a certain age can walk down memory lane by dining at A&W! We wanted something more local and opted for Baso by Mister Baso instead. Click here to check out my review.


Jl. Merdeka No.56, Citarum, Bandung Wetan,
Kota Bandung, Jawa Barat 40115, Indonesia


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Store Listing
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