Monday, October 01, 2012

Rubbing Off the Dragon for Luck @ The Forbidden City, Beijing, China

Mom has the weirdest practices when it comes to increasing her lady luck for winning Singapore's official lottery; 4D and TOTO. To put it bluntly, anything can be considered an option so long she believes in it!

We were simply walking past the many wooden windows within the Forbidden City when she stopped us in our tracks and made the following comment.

Mom: "See those dragons?"
Me: "Ya"
Mom: "Rub them and you would be ensured of good luck"
Me: "How would you know?"
Mom: "Trust me. Those brighter spots say it all"

I could not find a valid argument to her supposed hypothesis and proceeded to rub the bronze dragons with my hands! Since i could not confirm, i figured there's absolutely no harm in trying out her unorthodox method! 

Gonna win the TOTO soon! 


  1. Nice article and good photos.............a great blog

  2. Ahaahaaa...I love this post and your mom!

  3. thanks bookinghotels! And thanks bubbles; my mom can be really cute! haha.


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