Sunday, October 21, 2012

Not Your Common Chicken Cutlet @ The Iron Plate [Seah Im Food Centre]

It has been quite a while since i last visited Seah Im Food Centre but an urgent need to tag the discount to my mobile contract at the nearby Vivocity brought me back to this place that holds a lot of good teenage memories.

After circling the hawker centre twice and pondering on what i should have for dinner, i nervously decided to place my bet on the higher-priced chicken cutlet; i am really weak when it comes to food cravings! 

Let's begin with the sides; the crinkle fries were freshly scooped from the pot of boiling oil and were marvelously hot and crispy while the coleslaw was exactly the opposite; deliciously cold with a sweet crunch to them!

On the deep fried cutlet - it was definitely not my usual chicken cutlet on the visual front! Notice the tiny specks of what appeared to be herbs on the surface. 

Due to the thinner patty, the meat was superbly juicy and did a fabulous job in absorbing the marination that was more aligned with herbs and spices typically used by the Malay community! 

Absolutely worth the S$5 i paid for it! 


The Iron Plate,
2, Seah Im Road,
#01-39 [Seah Im Food Centre]

Additional Information 

The Iron Plate is a stall under Aspirasi Food Galore; the same company that gives us the delish Ayam Penyet from Aspirasi Food Stall (which is located in Seah Im as well)! 

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