Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Killer Litter - Murderer of the Car Windscreen

I am accustomed to parking my car in an open-air carpark as i could not stand that eerie feeling whenever i have to exit a multi-storey carpark late at night, and all alone! 

There are disadvantages of course; the oven hot temperature in the car whenever i need to drive from mid morning to late afternoon is one. Finding numerous bird poo on the surface is another frequent occurrence. 

The one i could not stand most is the risk of killer litter from inconsiderate residents of the surrounding high rise buildings Singaporeans known affectionately as the HDB flats! 

This was what i saw this evening at the bottom of my block. 

As a car owner who has gone through quite a number of cracked windscreen, i can tell you it is a great inconvenience to find this especially when the workshops are closed and you have expensive items (like a S$200 baby car seat) that have to be vacated from the vehicle.

It would be so not your day if it also happens to rain cats and dogs on that fateful day! Trust me; that is a scenario you really don't want to see. 

In this case, the 'weapon' is just a harmless looking plastic bottle filled with water! It was fortunate that no one was hurt but for the safety of everybody, we have to call the police to the scene. 

An update would be posted if the main culprit is caught! 

p.s. my brother in law is the victim, not me.


  1. It scares me a bit after reading the story.

  2. as in u would not want to park your car in an open air car park!? same same!~!! :(

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