Monday, October 29, 2012

Bowling with the Kids @ Orchid Bowl [Orchid Country Club]

Jerald, my nephew, is obsessed with the bowling games on his mom's iphone and it was decided that his birthday present for 2012 (sponsored by Auntie Pig) would be a trip to knock down real pins using real bowling balls!

For those who are unaware, there is a bumper function for the bowling lane that you can activate for kids (adults can do it too, at the risk of being mocked by others); with this 'unfair' advantage, it would be super hard to get zero point.

From his apprehension before throwing the ball, his excitement while waiting for the ball to reach the pins and his happiness (note the victory pose) in knocking down some pins, i am glad to see Jerald totally enjoying the bowling session! 

Jovyn, our bulldog cheeks baby, had a go a well! The one wearing the leopard-print mini-shorts is our family maid who only knows how to mess up the house.

An up-to-date front view of Jovyn; she managed to retain some of the chubby cheeks although i fear it would be a matter of time before they are gone! Time for pinching exercise.

The maid guiding Jovyn. Okay lah, the so called maid is my younger sister who is still single and available!

The following four pictures are solely for your entertainment. 

Venue: Orchid Bowl, Orchid Country Club
Rates: Please click HERE.

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