Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Best Selling Nasi Ayam Penyet? @ Nur Indah Kitchen [Bedok Corner Food Centre]

Bedok Corner Hawker Centre - my primary aim whenever i visit this farfetched food centre is to have a bowl of that delicious cheng tng and therefore, the choice of main meal is always secondary.

That's when words on signboard play a very important role in my decision making process. It's not so much an affirmation that the food is good; just that it would be justifiable to condemn the place if the food turns out worse than expected.

"The Best Selling Nasi Ayam Penyet" looked pathetically insufficient. I am at fault here as i neglected to inform the stall owner that i would prefer to have "thigh", which always turn out to be juicier and slightly bigger in portion.

As expected from breast meat, it was too dry for my liking although i would love to add that it managed to exude the flavourfulness that any good quality ayam penyet [by the way, ayam penyet means smashed chicken in Malay] should have.

Chilli, ever a major determinant when it comes to the abused chicken, was sweet while hot; leaving that irritating tingling after-sensation on my tongue and lips that could only be remedied by a cooling bowl of Ye Lai Xiang Cheng Tng!


Do i think that it is the best selling ayam penyet? Maybe in the context of within the hawker center.

1 Bedok Road, Stall #07,
Bedok Food Centre

S$4.50 per portion


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  2. but i dun make up my face..... :(

  3. Anonymous2:46 PM

    Went for lunch at this stall today.
    I dont deny that it used to be good but today i was served with a chicken that looks super dry and the meat was quite hard.
    It is very obvious that the chicken was kept overnight and was fried a few times as the meat was dry too.

    Disappointing. I didnt even finish the plate.
    Would suggest the stall next to it instead.

    1. Ya, the meat was dry the last time i tried it too! You love ayam penyet? Try the one at seah imm hawker centre; http://cavinteo.blogspot.sg/2010/02/aspirasi-food-stall-seah-im-centre.html


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