Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Pick and Bite @ Thomson Plaza

Alex wanted a bowl of Tau Suan (Split Green Bean Soup) to satisfy his craving for traditional Chinese dessert and i needed a cup of Teh O (tea with sugar) to perk up my sleepy self.

This cafe in Thomson Plaza beckoned us with available seating..... and a picture of Tau Suan.... and a bowl of century egg porridge priced at an unbelievable S$1.50!

Tau Suan
More thickener than mung beans, i liked it for not being overly sweet and the beans had more bite compared to the mushy ones sold in most dessert stalls. If only the soggy dough sticks (you tiao) were more crispy.

Century Egg Porridge
When i saw the preparation (open lid of cooker, scoop out plain porridge, put it pre-prepared century egg dices, sprinkle with fried onions and chopped spring onion), i thought i made the wrong choice.

No doubt it was a very simple dish but it was surprisingly delicious!


301, Upper Thomson Road,
#03-45B (Thomson Plaza)

Tau Suan - S$1.50
Century Egg Porridge - S$1.50

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