Friday, May 28, 2010

Marina Bay Sands (Building/Construction Phase) @ Singapore

Singaporeans love acronyms and Marina Bay Sands is now affectionately called MBS by many of the citizens, confusing many academia with Masters of Business Studies!

The casino lobby

The second "official" casino in Singapore is situated in MBS and though the integrated resort was officially open on 27 April 2010, it was purely a minuscule gesture nicely termed as the first phase.

 Unfinished Works!
Yes, i know the all important casino is fully operational! Construction work is however still ongoing (loud and clear for all to see) for the rest of MBS!

My heart goes out to the group of solicitors who attended the embarassing lawyers convention (they are currently in the midst of suing MBS and being counter-sued by them)!

Dramatic indeed!

Big pots of plants towering over the pedestrians!

Huge barrel-like structures!

That aside, MBS caters more to a high end cluster (thanks to its close proximity to the central business district) and that can be seen by the expenditure splurged on external and internal designing and decorating.

Heck! Even the toilets looked so posh!

I usually use toilet paper as an indicator on the luxury level of hotels (top of my list is Raffles Hotel). Unfortunately i did not have an urgent need to use the toilet then.

No doubt, the whole integrated resort will be an imposing icon for the Singapore's skyline (as viewed from Marina Barrage) in the future.

But as of now, my recommendation is not to go until it is fully completed! Unless you are in some addictive need to donate your money to MBS.

Their Deadline for Completion?
December 2010.

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