Friday, May 14, 2010

Golden Nur Nasi Briyani Special @ Golden Shoe Hawker Centre

It's been a long time since i met up with my sister for lunch and it was decided, after much procrasination that i should get a breather from the heavy, stressful workload recently!

Joyce (my sister) is super picky in food and she is seldom satisfied with my recommendations (i am such a sympathetic foodie). So when she recommended a particular nasi briyani in Golden Shoe Hawker Centre, my expectations spiked.

Queues usually symbolise good food and though there were around 6-7 persons in the line, service was fast and a plate of nasi briyani was brought to my presence by the maid of the house (Joyce) in no time!

On a closer look, i finally understood the "special" component for this dish; it was a mixture of nasi briyani and ayam penyet!!

The combination was pretty tasty with the tumeric fragrance from the curry soaked basmatic rice complementing the ever sinful deep fried chicken.

To perfect the dish, work must be done on the acar. It was too bland and i believe the nonya acar (with its distinctive grounded peanuts element) will be a better substitute.


Level 2, Unit 2 (#02-02)
Golden Shoe Hawker Centre

$4.00 per plate!


  1. Anonymous11:48 AM

    The stall is actually very unhygienic. The area is always wet and dirty. I saw the boss once scratched his groin area and served the food. One of my colleagues actually found a dead baby cockroach in the rice before. When we approached the boss, he said it was not from his shop. WARNING ! Do not patronize Golden Shoe Carpark Briyani Stall #02-02..

  2. woah! noted! we would not want to see another case of geylang serai rojak stall!

    Has your colleague complained to NEA? He/She should do it for the benefit of everyone!


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