Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Fruit Paradise Fruit Tart Shop and Cafe @ Vivocity

Singapore is a fruit paradise with the importation of fruits from all over the world. In 2007 alone, we import an impressive 358,177 tonnes of fruits (refer here)!

We are, however, talking about another fruit paradise, a cafe that specialises in selling fruit tarts.

From memory, those cute and small fruit tarts we were given for a relative or colleague's baby full month celebration should be the standard, normal dimension. Fruit Paradise introduces a bigger version that i thought has minimal differences from the many fruit cakes for sale in neighbourhood bakeries.

There's one BIG difference though.

The amount of fruit (or fruits depending on what you order) within a single slice of cake tart was amazing! But again, price counts. An S$8.00/slice cake has to have more ingredients than a S$3.80/slice one!  

Thankfully, the servings were pretty big too!!

Okay, there's another BIG difference; the taste.

Before commenting on that, i admit that the delicious display of numerous fake tarts looked so enticing; my saliva was excreting at a faster pace before i even ordered.

Coming back, my preference is with the fruit cakes (or tarts) from the neighbourhood bakeries.

One major issue i had was with the cream (or mousse). It was too rich, too generous and all i felt eventually was the oily layer down my throat. I like my cake to be sweeter and have more bite in the middle; a longer breather amidst all the creamery. 

Maybe i should try the other tarts (we had mango, chocolate banana and caramel banana) to have a fairer comparison but there's only so much our stomachs can hold.

The saviour for this cafe was no doubt its beef rice (forgot its official name).  

You know the feeling when you eat a very simple dish with not much garnishing, very simple ingredients and yet it warms your heart (and your stomach of course)?

It's that kind of feeling i had while having this dish. 

This beef rice will be the strongest reason for me to patronise this cafe again.  


Look Above

A typical slice of fruit tart will set you back by around S$7 plus to S$8 plus. A set meal will be more economical.

For roughly S$16 plus, you get a slice of fruit tart, drinks (Italian Soda, coffee etc) and in our case, a plate of beef rice.

GST (7%) and service charge (10%) have not been added.

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