Friday, May 07, 2010

Free Food - Arduous Journey Ahead

I read somewhere that a restaurant is offering free food for anyone who can reach them, physically that is.

Being a person who loves to try new eateries but lack the financial means to do so, this is a godsend~!

We shall plan the journey now.

First to come is a very easy task: take the cable trams to the beginning of the trail to gluttony!

Next to come is the challenging part. Walking on planks of wood with moveable interlocked metal rings as railings!! Cool!!

And it's a horrific death if you ever miss your footing or "handling" or BOTH!!! So exciting just to have a free meal!!

The best thing?
It's two-way traffic.

See those rat holes look-a-like cavities? They are for your feet to heave yourself to a higher elevation!!

Once you reached a trail with proper steps, the worst is over.

And finally, here's the restaurant perched on top of a mountain.


It's difficult to check the authenticity of this restaurant and i am doubtful of its operation with a free food theme since a lot of temples (in China that is) were built on top of mountains and loads of Buddhist temples do offer free food and even lodging to devotees.

Disregarding its true identity, i am not risking my life for the food! And i am hypsophobic!

If anyone's going, please take some pictures and let me know if it's good.

Cavin will be grateful.

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