Wednesday, February 17, 2010

River Hongbao 2010 (春到河畔)

Was it 10 years? Or has it been 15 years?

Tsk tsk tsk, with the big three O approaching, i felt that my memory is already on the downward trend, psychologically.

This attention towards the number of years is unimportant since no matter what, River Hongbao is my first experience of facing a massive human jam! I would have loved to ride on my father's back but my weight and my size were not really optimal then.

*okay, not funny*

Acccording to it's official website HERE, River Hongbao is already in its 24th year!! Gosh, has it been that long?!?!?!?

In any case, the whole family steered clear of Marina Square area during Chinese New Year period after this scary episode. 

Until yesterday. All thanks to Priscilla!!

And i am pleased to inform all of you that it really was not as crowded as i expected (we went at roughly 8.30 - 9.00pm).

Without further ado, another pictorial concentrated post today; all for your viewing pleasure!

UK Funfair!!
I thought this spinner was the same as the one in Genting, which i took umpteenth times!! Different leh!! My toes were twirled with fright and excitement, all mixed together!!

At S$2.50 per "token", the spinner costs 3 tokens and the top gun (vortex) is worth 6 tokens! o, not cheap at all. But the lucky was shining; Alex paid for us!!

What's a funfair without the game stores!! Mr Kon was taking a shot at the ball ball!

The backdrop of the Singapore's Business skyline!

The tiger display for the tiger year! Nothing special except for the wagging tails and the bobbing heads. Better than a stationary one!

A damn exquisite display of the auspicious dragon and phoenix. Guess what are they made of?


Look closer. Get it?
It's actually procelain spoons and sauce plates!!

Symbolizes a whole house of gold and jade!

The wishing wells! Hold on, not so simple. In order to make your wishes come true, your coin(s) must hit the hanging bells. If you don't hear the compulsory "ting" sound, please try again. n again. n again. 

That's how they "eat" our money.  

The unofficial god of the Chinese New Year.
God of Fortune (财神)

A towering statue is just a statue.
To make it more interesting, make it rain golden paper every now and then. The best deal? Print a single digit (from 0 - 9) on SOME pieces of paper 

All the people surrounding the statue were waiting for the golden showers. Look closer and you can see some inverted open umbrellas; a larger surface to catch the floating papers.

The used to be ONLY official gambling company in Singapore conveniently set up a temporary counter to let punters place their bets (remember the digits on the golden papers)

Crystallized dragon. You think? It's made of sugar lor!!
Give it a lick and tell me if it's delicious!

The traditional puppet shadow show

The traditional paper craft

The traditional clay doll art

The again traditional malt sugar art. $4 a stick!

All the pictures before the one right above this sentence epitome a very good, festive mood. Until i saw the above.

They are trapping the longevity cranes! 



If you miss it, please wait another year.

Opening Hours
12:00 noon to 11:30pm

The Float @ Marina Bay

Take public transportation to City Hall MRT and proceed to Esplanade (durians). This River Hongbao is right beside the two spiky durians.

Admission is free
*i love the word "free"*

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