Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Spring Festival (The Food)

Certain food is a MUST HAVE during certain festive seasons; like mooncake for Mid-Autumn Festival and rice dumplings for the Dragon Boat Festival.

For the Lunar New Year, there are seriously too much food associated with it!!

On bite-size snacks alone, there are a few dozens to choose from. For Singapore, this colourful variety was further expanded as a result of a harmonious multi-racial society.

there is one simple meal that i never thought i will miss.

My family had this meal for the reunion dinner every single year. Since the fresh ingredients were purchased in bulk and uncooked, the same meal will be "recycled" for the next few days.

But this year, the mother hen decided to spare herself the trouble of preparing for it.  


Another classic example of
"Humans (aka me) always take things for granted"

The broth that had withstand long hours of cooking

The careful spreading and excitable dumping of any fresh ingredients into the boiling soup. Popular ingredients include salmon, prawns, fish balls, squid, meat balls, crab sticks, vegetables, tofu etc etc.

Want to splurge? 
Add abalone, sea cucumber, scallops and crabs!

The Anticipation?
A bowl of delicious soup that was infused with all the essence of the fresh ingredients!

What's the Meal?
Steamboat lah!!!!
See so many pictures still don't know?!?!?!

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