Monday, February 22, 2010

Spring Festival (Lights of Spring 2010) @ Sentosa

Re-modelled from the original Sentosa Flowers, the Lights of Spring is touted as "an illuminating wonderland celebrating the Lunar New Year spring festivities under the night sky", as quoted from the Sentosa website.

Illuminating; yes
Wonderland; okay lah.

I attended the Sentosa Flowers last year and was then amazed by the wide variety of colors and flowers used, in the day time. With electric lights for the night time, i am afraid that there's only so much it can do and show.

Granted, the team did their best to come out with designs that relate to the Chinese New Year and though pretty, it was not that fascinating for me.

The Rings of Enchantment
Representing Happiness, Health, Abundance, Love, Harmony, Togetherness, Wealth, Longevity, Knowledge and Peace

Trees of Life
This regular fixture represented the circle of rebirth and well wishers were encouraged to write their New Year wishes on a piece of paper that costs a bloody S$2 and hanged it on a fake branch.

So natural hor!

Some wishes seemed so heartwarming while some were plain mercenary. With that kind of language, you need loads of luck to be a millionaire. *pray* *pray hard*.

Bells of Prosperity
Ring the bell and i shall be the sole winner for the TOTO S$10 million draw!!

That's exactly what i was thinking of excitedly before i pulled too hard and the rope snapped!

Good omen, i guess wish hope.

Twelve Zodiac Animals
Again, the twelve lunar zodiac! I am showing the horses because they were so cute! Look like pygmy ponies!!

Okay lah, show another one; the dragon because it was so petite!

The highlight and saving grace was the HUGE papa merlion with his stunning 'clothes' changing (below).


By the way, the Lights of Spring ended on 21 February 2010.
This post is purely for memory recall next year!!


  1. I am glad to see the picture of festival of lights. Wish If I enjoyed it. Everything on your blog looks so perfect.

  2. catch it next year then! my blog is far from perfect. =_=


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