Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hainanese Chicken Rice (海南雞飯) @ Da Jia Lai (大家来海南雞飯)

My mom doesn't understand the obsession both Alex and i have with the Hainanese Chicken Rice in Yishun, which i blogged memorably HERE.  

Her preference stands with this particular stall which always attract a long queue at the hawker centre situated opposite Yio Chu Kang Community Centre in Yio Chu Kang (phew... a non-breather mouthful of sentence!!). Or is it Ang Mo Kio? The segregation of areas in Singapore is really not easy!!! Like Yishun and Khatib!! Khatib is in fact a sub area within Yishun!!

I digress.
About this stall, translated auspiciously as "Everybody Come," i tried once but my memory was pretty fuzzy on the food although i do remember my brother in law queued a long time for them!! That was before the hawker centre was rebuilt, after the big fire that was heavily reported in the mass media.

Not sure if i have said this before but since my teens, i have always preferred roasted chicken, instead of the standard steamed white chicken typical of the Hainanese Style. White chicken skin (also know as oh-my-gosh-eeee fats) looks rather unpalatable and "fatty" compared to roasted chicken skin.

Down at "Everybody Comes" (not for dirty minded people), i tried the roasted chicken rice. At S$2.50 a plate, it's a dollar cheaper than the one i like in Yishun, with an equal serving of chicken meat. 

Unfortunately, the meat was drier and the rice was also not as fragrant as the one in Yishun. And i don't understand the necessity of having half a kalamansi lime there!


That said, the dish was definitely not horrible bad and in fact, was better than a lot of many other chicken rice stalls dotted around this little red dot. To be more fair for comparison, i shall try their steamed white chicken rice the next time.

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