Sunday, February 14, 2010

Chinese Zodiac Doraemon Toys

Newspaper readers or TV viewers would have heard of the storm Macdonald's created recently with its offering of the robotic-cat-that-comes-from-the-future dressed according to the twelve symbolic animals of the Chinese Lunar Calendar.

With the exception of the pig, an animal deemed to be offensive to the Muslims in the country.

Of course, the storm has calmed down when Macdonalds decided to bring in the doraemon dressed in the pig costume eventually after a lot of valuable "feedback". In another two more months...... in mid-April, after Chinese New Year.

Impatient me cannot wait.
And i forgot about the Macdonald's promotion.
And i don't really fancy eating Mac every few days!!

Hence, when Mr Kon told me about this deal on the internet for twelve doraemons soft toys at S$49 for the whole set (including the pig), i was happy yet skeptical.

Because at S$4 each, the toy is

1) Bigger than the Mac's puny ones
2) Has a Partial-Removable Cap
3) Has a WORKING Bell

I was delighted after receiving the package because everything is exactly as he said!!!!

The Chicken, The Dog, The Pig

The Horse, The Sheep, The Monkey

The Rabbit, The Dragon, The Snake

The Rat, The Cow (Looks like a daisy to me), The Tiger

Now i am short of the Valentine doraemon. 
Sigh, nothing's perfect.

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