Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Gambling Curse (Luck)

Being Chinese, gambling flows in our dragon blood.

However, I am really not a compulsive gambler and my bets are limited to the 3 times a week 4D, the occasional TOTO when the winnings are big and the rare mahjong whenever i feel my mum is on the verge of losing her memory!

Hallo, I don't even go to Genting Highland for its casinos!
It's the theme park fresh and cool weather i crave for!!

Nonetheless, the internal need from birth intensifies during the Chinese New Year season; the unmistakable clark clark sound from the mahjong tiles, the resounding "picture, picture" for the banker in blackjack etc etc. 

And of course, who can miss the vulgarities from the losers!! Being a multi-racial country has its benefits. The swearing in its multiple forms from the languages and dialects do sound pretty colourful and intriguing!

The most memorable gambling session (with no lack of @#!$@) came from Ssaneva's house; she was the banker for blackjack. 

Kon had 5 Cards (aka Gou Ling) - 2 times payout
Alex had Double A (aka Ban Ban) - 3 times payout
I had 3 Cards of 7 - 7 times payout!!!

The first in my life!!

Challenging play was next when we tried "In-Between"! 
The gameplay is as follows:

=>Each player pays a dollar to the pot ($4 for 4 of us).
=>Two cards (open up) will be distributed to each player in order.
=>You will be dealt a closed card (3rd one)

=>The choice is yours; would you want to bet that the rank for this closed card is between the two cards you have (A being the smallest and K, the biggest)?

Say your stake (everything in the pot or just S$1)?

Skip and the next player continues.

=> As usual, there's a catch.

You get the amount of money you stake for

You pay the exact amount of money you stake for, back into the pot

Please dutifully pay double the amount of money you stake for, into the growing pot!!!

With a pathetic S$4 in the pot, our pot ballooned to S$300+!!
I lost close to S$200 for one game.

No pain, no gain
No risk, no return

True of this statement but i am going to start on a very boring caution message here. 

The curse of gambling is so terrifying it can shape your life from young till death. It can empty whatever you have, including the shirt on your back, the roof over your head and the worst; your loved ones.

Enough about this! You do have the brains to weigh the pros and cons! We shall leave it to the gahmen to propagate the vices of gambling.
I spent S$100 on the TOTO S$10 million draw
The numbers were not the winning combination.
*heart pain*


  1. gamble for fun3:07 PM

    last time i also like to play "in-between" with friends during gatherings...

    it's also called "penalty kick" in hong kong, with "scoring", "missing" and "hitting the post"

    anyway this game is sometimes like a jinx... very often, someone will lose big because he hit the post in an unlikely event, ie he got A & King, and ended up getting another A or King


  2. i got that very often! But to be on the positive side, the returns outweigh the risks!


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