Friday, February 12, 2010

Bird's Nest (燕窝) @ ZTP (正中平)

Remember the bird's nest advertisement featuring David Gan, the very very famous "auntie" hairstylist in Singapore, touting ZTP's bird's nest as the best???

Privately, I don't agree.

Of course, it's purely my own opinion and it's true i have my fair share of home made bird's nest (obviously the best) catering to my personal preference of rock sugar without ginseng etc.

Home-Made Bird's Nest (Blood's Nest)

The label itself also stated that it was made in Singapore and contained the usual ingredients of bird's nest, rock sugar and water.

BUT i am adamant that this supposedly premium bird's nest purchased from ZTP as a definitive "far off the mark" from the usual ones we always purchased for six small bottles in one box.

Never had i drank such HORRIFYING bird's nest; the only exception is the fake, gelatin-made one!!!

At an offer price of S$28 for a 250ml bottle, the issue was with the swallows' slobber, not the soup (which was still okay). Though the quantity was there, the quality was obviously not. Even picky Alex agrees with me on this.

I am not sure if Singapore adopts the same food labeling standard from USA, where you have to label accurately the ingredients used in a product. If Singapore is indeed using that standard, something must be bloody wrong with my taste buds.

Or this particular swallow has exceptionally-unpalatable salivary glands.

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