Saturday, February 20, 2010

Aspirasi Food Stall (Ayam Penyet) @ Seah Im Food Centre

Hungry was the basic sensation i felt then and Mr Kon and Vannie (knowing that i am pretty broke) recommended this ayam penyet stall located at Seah Im Food Centre, a few hundred steps away from Vivocity, knowing how much i love this Indonesian dish with the crispy, fried chicken skin!  

Looking at the deserted stall, i was doubtful but there's still a glimmer of hope! Picky Ms Vannie and Foodie Kon's recommendation should be good!

When the dish came, the first thing that caught my attention was the color of the chilli; instead of the usual spectrum of red, it had some green stuff too. Compared to most ayam penyet chilli, this was milder and definitely more comforting for my taste buds.

Now the chicken.

Nicely chopped up to make it easier for the diners, the meat was moist without being overly oily and the skin was crispy right! Regrettably, the lack of the strong yet delightful tumeric taste pushed the grading of this otherwise good dish much lower.

It was better than usual fried chicken but in the case of ayam penyet, it did not make the cut.

Not yet.


Please! and search for Seah Im Food Centre.
The stall is number is 01-45.

Other Information
While we were enjoying our food, a long queue started forming!
Again, first impression doesn't mean everything!

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