Monday, July 03, 2006

The first time i stepped into Hard Rock Cafe, it was in Hongkong. I was disappointed by the food, though happy with the "size" of it. For a young punk at 17 years old, on the verge of finishing my puberty, the size of the food was more important, never so much bout the taste! Haha.

The second time i ate at the cafe, this time in Singapore, i was happy wif the personal service, food and size. Apparently, i have grown up.

Today, i went again, on the pretext of my dear sister treating me for a meal, and im satisfied with the food, price but neutral with the service.

Maybe its because we stayed too long, we dun look rich, we dun seem to have an ang moh friend beside we two orang cheena, or maybe its just us!! Lol.

But to give a fair judgment, all the servers are fine, except for one skimpy dressed server with a skirt so short even Alex will spew nose blood. She liked to throw things around, spoke too fast and seemed a tad too impatient. Maybe efficiency was more important to her. Maybe she was down with the so common, common flu. I DUNNO!!

Anyone, here's the devoured items:

1. Iced Tea

I know what u people were thinking, normal wat.... Maybe Season brand again. But no! I love drinking iced tea and especially adore the variation from KFC, with its sweet and bitter taste. Many of my friends complained KFC's ice tea is really too sweet though. Haha. This one from Hard Rock will please most of em, because it tasted less sweet compared to KFC and was refreshing enuff. I got refill for it as a result!

Ratings : 10/10

2. Clam Chowder Soup
I liked this soup but i dun seem to discover any fat clams inside it. My sister commented it was dissolved together with the soup but i bet she was treating me like an idiot. Haha. This soup tastef thick, with the taste of the cream more than the seafood. Furthermore, it contained loads of potatoes (which i detest!)

Ratings : 8/10
Because of its abundance of potatoes, its lack of clams and its usage of small bowls

3. Pork Cutlet (Mine)
I regretted ordering it because it tasted NORMAL. Nothing great, though i loved the big chunk of ONE mushroom. I thought the pork cutlet in AMK S11 tasted much better and it came in bigger portion too. Besides the mushroom, the other big chunk of item was the whip potato (which i detests again).

Ratings : 6.5/10
Obvious reasons

4. Sirlon Steak (Joyce)
The menu name of this dish was a mouthful long sentence, something that was sure to escape my long mature brain. But i can still remember the taste. Light, slightly bloody, with a soft yet chewy bite. And its medium well done!! Shd had advised my sister to take the medium. I loved this dish, but it still came with the detestable whip potato with its every-single-time disgusting gravy (every whip potato gravy was disgusting to me).

Ratings : 9/10
The taste of the beef belittles every other flaws.

5. Butter Pudding
This dish surprised both of us! Im not very keen on butter (ever play a game where the forfeit is a spoonful of butter? i did), but it came with a curd like stuff topped with a piece of bread, crowned with whip cream plus HALF a cherry and littered with strings of honey. The main actor was the curd like stuff, which happened to taste not abit like butter, more than egg pudding!! Though i was  already abit full, i managed to finish it, with the bread. Haha

Ratings : 9/10

Its really worth it for the set lunch because it only cost S$12.50 nett!! No GST, no CESS, no Service charge!! Dun bother looking at its website as i dun think it was updated. Lol.


  1. Anonymous11:42 PM

    pls update more on social life....pls pls pls!instead of ur food journey!tell us more on whether u mod ur vios!wat the heck did u do with it??~wheres ur love life?

  2. food is my life!!! Social life ah?? Quite dead now... Always work work work.. So freaking tired... And mod my vios?!?!!? No money and dun see e point of wasting money on that, prefer to eat out more with it!! lol. Love life?? I tot everyone tot Alex is my girlfren?!?!? lol. Scandals scandals.


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