Monday, June 26, 2006

A Visit to an Abandoned, Virtually Unknown Mental Hospital

I have always been curious of the supernatural and the unexplained. And of coz, the ability of me to hear and see "them" at times do help to increase this curiousity. It dampened as i gotolder but i dunno why, the interest came back recently...

I heard about this place from a Singapore paranormal forum and decided to meet up wif 3 of my friends for a visit at night (i know its crazy).

Reaching around 10pm and seeing the road was barricaded, i parked the car infront of the barrier and proceeded on foot. We saw that two lamp posts were still shining bright and were somewhat assured it shd not be too horrifying inside.

However, the eerie sight that greeted us after the second lamp post was one of darkness, pitch black darkness. The buildings standing right behind the gate protrayed a scene of not just eerieness but also of horror. U can almost though you heard those mental patients hollering in the midst of this silent night.

We looked around for an entrance but the "mentioned" entry hole had already been patched and no way im going to climb over the gate (god knows how difficult it will be if u have to run out of the place). We loitered for a while and took a few pictures, but my camera was too "primitive" to take night pics. I can only manage the gate.

As we proceeded away from the gate, trotting towards the comfort of the many street lamps along the main road, my friend said he got poked on his back. And it was not just any normal poke, he felt quite pained and the funny part was, we were all walking side by side.

No matter what, i think im going back again but this time, it will be in the afternoon, where i can take more pics!!

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