Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Hainanese Curry Rice

Situated @Maxwell Hawker Centre!!

This was the second time i tried this stall.

The very first impression, I though it was just a normal chap chai ben (mixed vegetables rice) and im not wrong (u still have to choose the combination)!! But of coz, the taste differed from the norm that we were damn familiar with.

One key difference was that the varieties never seem to change, another was that the pork chop with the curry gravy that go with the rice really make it very palatable!

No wonder there are forever a queue for it!! I reached at around 11am, well before the lunch break and oredi, there were 6 people queuing! But have to admit its quite ex. Alex and I spent $6.70 for two portions and i still had to stuff myself with fried banana and ondeh ondeh to be moderately full. Haha

Pork Chop with Sunny Side Up and Cabbage!
One word, delicious. I dunno wat went into making the pork chop but it tasted..... Hm... Traditional! It had a milky taste to it! Not human milk k! Lol. U can see the amount of curry gravy that went with it~! Rest assured, its not even "warm" to the taste buds!

Deep Fried SMALL Prawns with Steam Egg and Bean Sprouts
Alex tried this one which i though was grossly normal with patrhetic tiny prawns. But i admitted the the prawns did taste not bad and the steamed egg was like some big chunk! As usual, our Alex cannot finish it.

Rating : 8/10

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