Sunday, May 07, 2006

Singapore GE 2006

I have placed a lot of importance to this general election because
  1. Its my FIRST time voting
  2. I have been reading newspapers since 1993 and have felt strongly for the politics.
  3. Im finally completing my studies and am FINALLY going into a permanent workforce and am very interested to see what my MP can do for me and my country.
Im part of e biggest GRConstituency in Singapore, the Sembawang GRC that has over 170,000 eligible voters! I have no qualms about declaring that i voted for the PAP. The reason was not tat im an avid PAP supporter, no doubt that PAP has ruled the country well for over 40 years.

I vote for the one who can speak up for the citizens and can do well for the future of not just the GRC im in but also for the whole country. Below are some reasons why i din vote for the opposition.

  1. My MP, Mr K Shanmugam, has done fairly well for my constituency at Chong Pang. Even though i am really curious what the results are for the individual constituencies in a GRC. for example, if the Election department actually showed individually (instead of just the whole of Sembawang GRC) in terms of Chong Pang, Canberra, Marsiling, Admiralty, Woodlands and Sembawang.
  2. The party SDP is synomous with its bankrupt party leader, Dr Chee Soon Juan, whom i din have a very good impression of. I think he is basically destroying Singapore's reputation with his no hold speech all around the world. And i think the SDP strategy in being "loud" really dun work well for me.
  3. The SDP seems disunited and wat's the pointed of voting for a disunited team that dun seem to be even able to settle their "home" problems. There was one rally where they only have 2 canditates out of the 6 attending, with the other 4 "missing" from action
I expected the result of Sembawang GRC (with over 75% voting for the team led by Dr Khaw) but im amazed by the big majority swing!! It has been an exciting election year though i felt that there are more "mud slinging" this time around and i dun wish to see politicking turning into the one like Taiwan!

Hereby, i congrat PM Lee Hsien Loong (i have always believe in him) and the PAP for the strong mandate that they had gotten from the voters. Congrats too to Mr Low Thia Kiang and Mr Chiam See Tong (both of which have offered important, alternate viewpoints in parliament of which others may have missed out) in retaining their seats in Hougang and Potong Pasir respectively.

Lastly, all the above are my personal views and i apologise if i have offended anyone. Of course, i welcome any comments, positive or negative.

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