Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Pariss International

The first time i heard this name, i tot it was just a MLM company or some high class thingy but like most of u heard, its a buffet restaurant that is supposedly on the same league like Vienna, another restaurant that caters to the buffet hungry Singaporeans like me!! Lol.

Anyway, i tried it just a few hours ago but i only have one word for it.

The food was not fabulous, their shark fins sucked (sorrie, animal activists), the desserts were not commendable, the spanner crabs tasted ironically fishy, the range was not wide(the normal sushi, dim sum, chinese food, teppanyaki etc). In all, its just not innovative enuff.

From my distant memory of Vienna, it served innovative and well designed food! At least they attempted to put normal fruit juice into a test tube, clams that were baked with cheese, mini pot of herbal chicken soup etc etc!

Sighz... Im reli disappointed by it and even though service was ok but i wished that the person (Peach i think) at the reception can greet with a smile.. Sometimes, i wonder if i knew em and perhaps owed them something (like money).

The other thing worth mentioning was that the person answering our phone queries was not well versed in English and you may have difficulty and frustration in booking a reservation.

However, some of the items like the teppanyaki lamb chop, the lobster salad etc were quite good. And currently, they have student and senior citizens promo, which made it cheaper than sakura!

The promotion ends tomorrow, by the way.

Rating : 5/10 (revised)


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