Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Optical Illusions

Its been like, i think, 10 years since i last went to the Singapore Science Centre. In lieu with my deteoriating memory, i cannot remember much of the last trip! However, i still managed to have an enjoyable time!

Might as well put all of you to the test! Look at the few pictures below and see if u can see what i thought i saw!

Is this a happy sailor? or a sad man?

Sad Policeman? Or happy sailor?

A few stalks of violet? Or napolean and his lover/wife?

Interesting right?? Guess my eyes are still ok! Lol


  1. The first one scares me. The second one I don't see at all. :-)

    By the way, hello! :-)

  2. Yo Maria!

    I've come to support ur blog!!! keep updating interesting stuff to keep me entertained k!
    Take caRe!
    Miss ya!!

    ur Mum,

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