Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Unfitful Sleep

Sleep to me is the most important thing (beside eating) in my life and i have always enjoyed and craved for sleep when im not enjoying things like sex or food or computer games or internet chatting.

Opps, please cancel e sex part.

Continuing, i have been having rather unfitful sleep for a couple of weeks and  wonder the reasons behind it, especially when i had dreams tat i remember but not the details, like those numbers which can be potential 4D or Toto strikers!! Lucky the person who won the $2 million Toto prize. God knows when is my turn for it.

By unfitful, I meant I have difficulties going to sleep, and i keep yawning and sometimes, stifles of yawn came and with stifles, i feel even more difficult to doze off!! Besides that, i will also wake up very often at night.

Sorrie for sidetracking. Haha, anyway, the potential reasons for the very unfitful sleep are as per follows:
1) My heart condition is coming back. I used to feel this way when i had my superior something something condition regarding my heart, where i can get ‘attacks’ with over 200 heart beats per minute.

2)  have been playing far too many computer games!! Now my fav is warcraft 3 and i have been sleeping on average at 2am every night. And the best time to sleep is medically advised to be between 10pm - 2am.. i heard.

3) Lack of exercise. I used to be able to sleep extremely well after i had a 20 min jog at night and i used to jog like almost every 2 days or sometimes even daily. But nowadays, being a glutton and a lazy bastard, i have been skimming on it… Beside not having a good sleep, i have been gaining a bigger waistline. Philosophically, this is a good example of "you gain some, you lose some".

4) Haze related problems. I got it when Singapore had the worst haze situation from the forest fires around the region. Amongst all the reason, this is the only one i cannot do anything about!! So Indonesians around the world, please do help and get the Indonesian government to be more stringent and harsher in the ways they prosecute the offenders, especially those big timmers. Maybe it will help all of us, not just me, not just Singaporeans but for the whole of the region, including your own countrymen.

I guess the above conclude the possible reasons for my unfitful sleep but frankly, i believe gluttony and lack of exercise stand a higher chance of the true reasons. Though im facing this situation, i still believe in "Good Health is the way to Enjoy Life".

So where’s my sport shoes for jogging? Rubeee~~~~~~~

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