Wednesday, June 22, 2005


I have always thought about the 7 sins but I think one sin shd be included and that will be FOOD!!! Ya, it's always so sinful to have food around our life, esp in Singapore where food is plentiful and in abundance and in many great variations and tastes. Sighs… *watering*

As usual, today revolves around food again. I went to bugis to meet my friend, alex and we went to Parklane Fried Wanton and ate the fried wanton mee! And my gosh! The standard was much better for the bugis branch and i licked finish the whole plate..

After my hair cut (yes, i cut short again!!) , we went to eat at Mos burger and tried their vegetable covered teriyaki chicken patty (Natsumi Teriyaki Chicken Burger). And well… its just a piece of tasty teriyaki chicken covered with lettuce. Nothing really too great bout it and i made a mess out of myself. *shrugs* Ordered their plain hotdog too. It used to taste quite good but this time, the bun was horrible; lacking the spongeness and it's cold!! The hotdog itself was juicy but the mustard and tomato sauce destroyed it totally!

So yes, another sinful day……. Fats coming to me…

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