Monday, June 20, 2005

Recalls of The Past (PLC)

I just received a new friendster testimonial from a friend i known from Pet Lovers Centre (the company i bunked with for 4 long years) and yes, I do miss all my friends from there, not to mention those lovely customers who used to bring their dogs and ask my advice on dog’s health and nutrition. Gone were the days and I do miss them deeply, greatly.

I still remembered the year when I first came in, it's December 2000 and I was required to do a stocktake in the PazaSing outlet. I love the staff there, so funny, so real. I shuffled around the outlets so often that eventually they called me "floater", as in a ghost that floats around.

I knew a lot of friends from there; jasina (our big mummy), pearlin (younger than me but i called her jiejie), pearlyn (ultra funny and optimistic), stella (always bickering with me), huiling (talkative like me), shaoxing (philosophical), stephen (handsome plus funny), stephanie (fun loving), anne (crazy one but nice!), linda (our big sister), lavinia (my ex wife who brought much laughter), cheryl (chiobu but ki siao one), audrey (the taitai), karen (my dear ex manager who were so nice to all of us!) and of course a lot more others.

All of them took up a special place in my heart and made my life so much easier. To them, i may be just a naughty, michevious and forever funny, chirpy, sun-shine loving guy but i know they really care for me and i really do miss them very much..

The attachment with the company was damn high tight and to think of leaving was difficult for me but i guess i do need another pasture to taste a different type of grass. So i have to harden my heart but well, i will return!! Remember terminator. Lol. And well, e grass im eating now dun seem tat great anyway.

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