Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Poor Rubee

I was such a bad owner!

To say that was becoz i finally managed to procure some dry food for my dear old shihtzu, rubee san or chan; watever gender you wana him to be. Rubee is my dog, obviously and i really love him a lot so the lack of food for the past 1 and a half day had been perpetually on my mind, provided im not eating, toking to friends, playing computer games, sleeping, travelling etc etc.

Okok, i know all these were invalid excuses.

But hey, i woke up damn early today!! Especially when i only slept at 3 am this morning!! But well, my early was like almost 0930hrs. haha. But anyway, i brought my dear old spoilt rubee for a walk and for him to release his bottling urine in his small bladder (he is a small dog lah) and then i drove out to sembwang shopping centre to Aquapets (pet shop) to buy his Natural Balance Organic dry food. 

I managed to park for free right infront of e coffee shop my mum works at!! and i managed it with parallel parking!! But well, the "hole" was comfortably big for my car to reverse in. Haha.

I asked my mum to take care of my dear old spoilt cute rubee while i rushed up to Aquapets. I reached at around 10.28 and it's not opened yet! I waited… and waited and the shop finally opened at 11!! Sianz…. Am supposed to meet for sister to collect some stuff and i had to postpone it because im working at 12.30 today!! Sad…

Anyway, after buying the food and asking the shop keeper to ask the supplier for any bigger bags for the Natural Balance Organic (surprisingly rubee is quite a big eater for such a small dog), i went to bring my dear old spoilt cute pampered rubee and drive back home.

I got back home, brought out his food and he f*ucking ignored it!! Can u imagine?!?! After so much pain and time, he ignored it!!! so i had to mash it up with bananas and dry treats. He ate but only e parts where the treats were!

Right now, there is still more than half a bowl left and the dear old spoilt cute pampered bitchy rubee is sleeping right beside me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARGH!!!!!!!!!

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