Saturday, June 18, 2005

CounterStrike (CS)

Played CS after work yesterday (after a long rest of 2 years). Well, im still "Lan"!! But well, what to do, im older and my reflexes were not as good as before, esp when i seldom exercise nowadays and im getting damn FAT!! *Looks at the swimming tyres and the bulging chest (or breasts)*

But i have a plan!! Im gonna exercise tomorrow, i need to jog, need to swim! Well, have been saying this for the past few months. God am I just like my parents! As we grew older and older, motivation just got lesser and lesser… Only motivations were food n sex (maybe)!! Hahaha. But rest assured guys n gals!! I will get back in shape! Tanner!! Fitter!! With bronze chest and hard abs!! And it will be soon!!

In the meantime, please define soon.

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