Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Surprise Surprise…

i am quite surprised that The House of Wax turned out to be NOT BAD!! Thought it will be just another screwed up movie and if it's not free, I dun even feel like watching. But the plot was not bad and Paris Hilton was actually quite hot inside although she died horribly!! Haha. I think all guys will be liked Awwwww after seeing that scene.

Well, busy day today, literally in the afternoon. Need to renew my passport becoz im going KL wif my colleagues!! hahahahah~

I miss KL!! The food, the theme park!! Jolly misses the only oyster omlette that i eat, at jalan alor and the freaking rides at Cosmo!! I think I will vomit at e horrifying ride i had last time!! THE DNA Mixer, a harmless looking device that turned out to be potent!! F*cking potent!!

And now im reading some books on the truth of the popular novel, Da Vinci Code~ Will update on wat i read tomorrow.

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