Friday, May 20, 2005

Malaysia Boleh!

Just came back from Malaysia yesterday night after sitting in an uncomfortable bus for around 5 hours!! Luckily my bladder controlled well~ Haha. Yes, i went to Malaysia but only for a paltry 2 days 1 night!! A record (short) for me!! Besides nearby Johore, it's a minimum of 3-5 days whenever i went KL!! But amazingly, i still manage to exceed my budget!

First Day
We took bus 170 from causeway and happily proceeded towards Larkin terminal, where we took a bus to Puduraya in KL. Larkin never changes , the Mac is still there as with Marry Brown (equivalent of Mac in Malaysia).

The time was used to catch up my sleep (only slept 1.5 hrs the night beefore) but as usual, I din manage to sleep much!!! Just tok and tok and tok and laugh and laugh and laugh~!! Argh~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Anyway, time passed fast when we were enjoing; before we knew it, we reached KL and checked in to SeasonsView Hotel (a budget hotel but well, i just liked tat place).

All of us were hungry so i brought them to Kim Gary restaurant and f*cking hell, i never knew it tasted so nice!! With so many of us, we ordered different dishes and the food was reli good and not expensive as well!! I missed their french toast with peanut, the beef spaghetti, the fried rice, the stew beef wif rice….. Gosh, im salivating again!! *Slurps.

Next stop was the Cosmo theme park!! Beside having nice exciting rides, it was so cheap at RM25!! Had a nice time playing Bumper car (shd have seen the bruises we suffered), the Top Gun (shd have heard the screams from Kaijing) and the DNA mixer (shd have seen the green, revolting faces all of us had). We practically stoned for a while before embarking on shopping!

Night time we went to Chinatown, drunk the famous luohan longan drinks (weiyuan downed 4 cups!! Plus all the other drinks, I think he swallowed around 8-10 cups of different drinks) With the heavy stomachs (we ate Lok Lok, Claypot rice, Pork Ribs Soup), we went to Jalan Alor to eat stingray, oyster omlette etc. After all these heavy norishment, I reli wana sleep liao… but well, limay said once in a while come out so we continued playing games!!!!

Hahaah~ F*cking nice game where we played *ultimate password*; Loser will bite on a potato chip and we will use cards and the one with the smallest denomination will bite the potato chip from e loser. Haha~ You should see the faces we made when we attemptted to almost forcribly kiss the loser. I almost spitted out the chip when Gordan rushed over!! haha~ Kaijing was the worst lah, practically all of us made her cannot tahan! haha. Slept at 2+ am.

Second Day
All of us woke up around 8am and proceeded to KL tower!! I had been in KL so many times but never went there since I thought it will be expensive. But seriously, it's a price (RM 15) worth paying for!! I can even seen Genting Highlands!! And e telescopes provided can really bring you very near to s scene at least 400 m below (we managef to capture a place we tot was a pond with its greenish water but turned out to be a fucking dirty pool!!).

We went to Sungei Wang and ate Kim Gary again!! Din regret it~ haha. After that just loitered around there and before we knew it, it's time to go back hotel to do check out! Sad about tat thou… Anyway, we realised we had a tub of Wall’s ice cream left. No choice but to play *ultimate password* again~ hahah. This time, loser ate the ice cream will do. Haha.

After finishing the huge tub of ice cream, we rushed out to buy bus tickets and then to Petaling Street to purchase my comic books (Weeyuan and I), buy souvenirs (Alex), sun glasses (limay and gordan) and branded wallet (tarryn).

All of us were in a damn big rush!! But well, we managed to reach the bus terminal in time but freaking bus we reserved was full so we take Gunung Raya and well, i dun like this bus and with Limay and Gordan seated behind me, i only slept a while and the rest of the time was spent talking and laughing~ hahaha~ Din regret not sleeping!! hahaa.

Basically, a trip well spent and well enjoyed. To whoever who are readin this and went with me for this trip, i have really enjoyed myself!! Maybe we shd organised one trip again but not more people than this!

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