Friday, November 27, 2015

Nunsaram Korean Dessert Cafe - Choco Banana Bingsu & Chocolate Bread @ Westgate [Connected to Jurong East MRT Station]

I am a super boring person when it comes to food and even when faced with hundreds of food stalls, i am not likely to walk out of my comfort zone and order something i have yet to try!

That's when crazy friends come into picture; their spontaneity tends to break the comfort barrier! For example, Korean bingsu isn't something i would purposely seek for but when a friend suggested Nunsaram Korean Dessert Cafe, i was more motivated to just follow their instinct.

In forever-summer Singapore, the appearance of a snowman mascot can be so comforting, especially with the cooler weather recently and the upcoming Christmas season!

Chocolate Banana Bingsu
To clarify things a bit, i didn't request for this. Since i am a first-time customer, it would be best to devolve the responsibility to someone who is a regular!

I am not a chocolate fan although befitting my Chinese zodiac sign (a monkey); i love all kinds of bananas and absolutely couldn't resist buying banana fritters! Just to add, the "regular" recommendation was shot down since two in our group don't take one of the ingredients.

Pour the sweetened milk from the dainty looking cup and you are off to indulge! Speaking of which, i think our local desserts like ice kacang can also be very high class in other countries. Just put a few small cups of sugary, coloured syrup for people to have fun pouring in and i guess i can indicate a high price of an equivalence of about S$7 a bowl. 

Coming back to the bingsu, i was again not blown away and definitely preferred ice kacang / ice jelly / ice cheng tng etc over it. However, i must add that the texture of the shaved ice was really snow-like; so soft, so fine that i think i can sleep on it if the quantity can fill my bed! 

Chocolate Bread
Frankly, this was your simple thick toast topped with whipped cream and a drizzle of chocolate sauce. Now, i don't know if this would be misleading as i was expecting a darker looking bread. 

Looks are deceiving; the chocolate sauce wasn't the star and it was more the buttery, honeyed taste of the bread that lighted up my eyes! Sharing would be fine but to eat it alone by myself would be a bit too heavy for the palate. 


3, Gateway Drive, #04-37, Westgate
(beside Jurong East MRT Station)

As above

Chocolate Banana Bingsu - S$13.90
Chocolate Bread - S$6.90
(Inclusive of GST) 

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Toa Payoh Rojak - Not in Toa Payoh @ Old Airport Road Hawker Centre [Near Dakota MRT Station]

Some have declared this to be the best rojak you can ever find in Singapore and its fame can be rightfully judged by the number of reputable accolades pasted at the stall! 

It was a long while since my last visit and just to warn you, the location of the stall wasn't even at Toa Payoh! So don't bother making your trip there! However, in case you are already there, you can check out another famous rojak stall by the name of Soon Heng at Gourmet Paradise Food Court, within HDB Hub Toa Payoh! 

Ordering wasn't in the conventional way; you take a queue number, make your order, wait for the number to appear on the LED display and collect the rojak. In event that there are too many orders, you would wait for the queue number to appear before making your order and then wait for the rojak to be made. 

On one hand, i was dumbfounded by the serving size on the plate as i ordered a medium (S$4) although on the other hand, I was so glad i didn't insist on having the smallest serving as we had a heavy lunch before this.

Nevertheless, you have your typical mix of fresh rojak ingredients and in my first bite, i can taste the differences it has over its competitors; the richness of the light-coloured sauce and the fact that it wasn't cloyingly sweet!

The water spinach, which wasn't as commonly seen in rojaks nowadays, was included in the mix and surprisingly quite palatable (big thank, obviously, to the rojak sauce). Aside from my grievance on the serving size, i thought the fried stuff like dough fritters and tau pok can be a notch crispier. 


51 Old Airport Road #01-108, 
Old Airport Road Food Centre

Nearest MRT Station
Dakota Station (Circle Line)

Pricing Menu
As above

Other Stalls in the Hawker Centre

Monday, November 23, 2015

The Churro Waffle (Limited Time Only) @ The Daily Scoop Sunset Way

Marketing can make a hell lot of difference in a cut throat industry like the one serving ice cream and with reference to the just-written statement; i could not take my eyes off when i saw the notice for the limited time only Churro Waffle at The Daily Scoop! 

While the rest of my friends were still deliberating on what to have for desserts, my decision was fast and rapid; "i shall take the churro waffle"! It was served about ten minutes later! p.s. the churro waffle as indicated on the notice, was simply the parlour's classic baked waffle with cinnamon, sugar and maple syrup. 

I must have missed the fine print as i was expecting something that appeared more churro-like. Nonetheless, it's my bad and the extra toppings did enhance the tastiness of the waffle, especially when compared to disappointing waffles i had in the past two occasions. Would have been better if it had a crispier crust! By the way, the scoop of maple crisp ice cream complemented the churro waffle perfectly! 


41 Sunset Way #01-04, 
Clementi Arcade


As above

The Churro Waffle* - S$7.50
*includes one scoop of ice cream

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Soursop Juice from Lim Hin (Formerly Taman Serasi) @ Old Airport Road Hawker Centre [Singapore]

The soursop juice at the now-demolished Taman Serasi hawker centre opposite the Botanic Gardens was said to be legendary and with me often craving for the cancer-fighting fruit recently, i knew just the place where i can get my hands on a cup!

Old Airport Road food centre; I remember reading from the newspaper quite a long time ago that many of the fruit stalls from Taman Serasi have moved there and a simple google search brought me to a specific one that started operations way back in 1975; Lim Hin! 

I bet you would have noticed that grandma with a walking stick in the above picture. Don't play play; our drinks were in fact prepared by her!

These were our orders; all of them were the classical soursop juice. From look of it, i did note that two items were added; lime and lemon, likely for a zesty enhancement. 

I initially thought the drink was rather watered down but it was eventually attributed to the heavier soursop meat; which had sank to the bottom of the plastic cup! 

After a good stir, it was way thicker with a refreshing sweetness although you may still find it hard to indulge in the fruit with all the ice cubes on top! Personally, i thought ice soursop would be much more convenient to eat and i shall check out the available range by Lim Hin the next time i visit.


51 Old Airport Road #01-36, 
Old Airport Road Food Centre

Soursop Juice - S$2.50

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Ancient City Wall Dating Back to the Song Dynasty @ Zhaoqing (Previously Duanzhou)

When the coach navigated a right turn to our second hotel for the trip, the tour guide excitedly asked us to look ahead of us where an ancient looking wall stood.

Although this wall stopped short of having an imposing presence that has the ability to take one's breath away (as in the case of the Great Wall of China), it was said to be one of the best-preserved city wall in China with a history dating back to the Song Dynasty!

This implied a lot on the historical significance of the city which honestly didn't quite a ring a bell among foreigners like myself. There's a reason for that; Zhaoqing was previously known as Duanzhou and those familiar with the story of Justice Bao might just remember where the city fits in. 

Anyway, the tour guide suggested us to visit the wall after our dinner as the hotel we were staying in that day was only a few hundred meters away. 

Obviously my dad and i couldn't resist paying it a customary visit; both dad and son have the mentality that since we are overseas, we might as well make full use of our time to walk around. The only problem is that he can wake up much earlier than me! 

The information panel highlighted the contributions of Justice Bao when he was prefect of Duanzhou for about three years before leaving to take up the important role of investigating censor in the capital. 

Starting our stroll and on the lookout for an entry point to climb up the ancient city wall. As we have gathered from the coach ride earlier, the wall stretched for quite a distance but we didn't complain as we had a rather filling dinner! 

According to the tour guide, Shen Fei - this city wall was so well preserved because apartments were built on both sides of the wall, effectively fortifying it from external elements.

Let's continued our walk; i remember a pagoda somewhere in the middle but it wasn't even lighted up at night. At that time, i knew i had to prepare for the worst; which was i couldn't get to the top of the wall.

Saw a samoyed on the pavement with no leash on it! It usually ran ahead of its owner and would look back every now and then to ensure she was following! So cute! 

Aside from the spotlights hitting on the wall, the other illumination came from the LED lights as seen above. This was about 8 minutes into the stroll and i guess there must be an entry point somewhere. 

I did notice there was literally no one on top of the city wall. 

And i was right; operation hours were from 9am till 5pm! However, i noticed something; the notice was for 披云楼, and not specifically for the wall. Damn, i should have been more careful!

Notwithstanding the mistake, i frankly didn't know and together with my dad, made a u-turn back to our hotel where i can take a good bath! 


Zhaoqing City, 
Guangzhou Province,

For the summarised itinerary of my tour package (guaranteed no shopping stops) to Guilin via Chan Brothers, please check out the link here.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Li Xin Teochew Fishball Noodles (立兴潮州鱼圆面) @ JEM [Connected to Jurong East MRT Station]

While i was pondering what to have for breakfast before watching a movie at the ill-fated JEM (Jurong East Mall) 30 minutes later, i chanced up this stall which triggered a flood of good memory.

Age has taught me that time is important in life and once the brain is fixated, there's little point to change it otherwise; hence, an order for the signature fishball noodles dry for me! 

The standard of Li Xin's fishballs continued to be consistently soft across outlets! I did blog about it once when i visited its outlet at Opera food court in ION Orchard back in 2013. Pricing was 20 cents cheaper at JEM but i got one lesser fishball. 

As mentioned many times before, i am more a noodle rather than a fishball person and you can give me extra noodles anytime with a reduction of fishballs. 

The noodles with its overwhelming display of tasty chilli-tomato sauce sprinkled with a generous amount of chopped scallions were to-die-for and if not for my perpetual carbo-reduction diet, i would have gladly ordered another bowl, minus the fishballs and with extra crispy pork lard! 

Damn, just the thought of it is making me hungry now! 


50, Jurong Gateway Road,
JEM (Jurong East Mall), Level 5,
Cookhouse by Koufu

As Above

Fishball Noodles (Dry) - S$4.80

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Vermicelli Roll with Sweet & Sesame Sauce @ Tim Ho Wan (Westgate)

Faced with a famished mother who didn't have breakfast, i was literally in a fix on where to have a decent lunch when there were simply too many options in Westgate and Jem shopping malls!

Fortunately, i remember that mom was quite happy when i last brought her to Tim Ho Wan (Toa Payoh Central) and from memory, it had a long while since i last had dim sum! Hence, the decision is made; Tim Ho Wan (Westgate) shall be it!

I ordered those we had back at its Toa Payoh branch with just one exception; the Vermicelli Roll with Sweet & Sesame Sauce (also known as chee cheong fun in Singapore).

For something that was plain and drizzled with a generous amount of sweet and sesame sauce, it was just mind blowing good; the texture of the chee chong fun was firm yet soft although i couldn't deny that the sweet and sesame sauces played an important role by upping both the flavour and aroma! Heck, i thought it was better than the more expensive prawn vermicelli roll.

I am not going to comment separately on the other items we had (yes, i am getting lazy) but you can actually find the review based on the Toa Payoh branch here.

The standard at Westgate was admittedly lower and this disparity seemed to match with the review from a friend who had been to a few branches in Singapore and declared that the Toa Payoh branch was the best so far! 


3, Gateway Drive,
#01-13/14, Gateway
[Connected to Jurong East MRT Station]

Other Branches
As above; with almost everyone owning a camera handphone, it does make perfect sense to take a picture listing all the branches as per indication! Aside from being eco friendly, it would also help to reduce the clutter in your wallet! 

Vermicelli Roll with Sweet & Sesame Sauce - S$4.20.
[Subject to GST and Service Charge]

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