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Yayoi Teishoku Restaurant - Unagi Hitsumabushi @ Northpoint City Mall [Yishun, Singapore] #yayoinorthpoint #hitsumabushi

I ever dined at Yayoi at Bugis Plus a few years ago and left relatively disappointed with the food i had. Hence, when Yayoi opened a branch in Yishun this month, i didn't even have the slightest intention to check out Northpoint City's latest restaurant; in spite of the queue.

An enthusiastic staff of Yayoi (with voice that has grown hoarse over the past few days) enticed me to take a better look at the promotion; "100% vouchers return; get rewarded with what you've spent!"' until 20 December! Now; that's like having your meal free right?! I inquired further and it's true although you can spend only a maximum of S$30 worth of vouchers but there's no minimum spent.

Frankly, i was still hesitant to try as calories could be better spent elsewhere on even if there's no promotion. The above poster, however, attracted my attention. If there's one Japanese dish i can't resist, it's unagi hitsumabushi!

Jioing (singlish for inviting) my parents given our proximity to Northpoint City. Furthermore, both of them enjoy Japanese food. So what was the thing my mom was taking with her chopsticks?!

Natto - i like century eggs, love stinky tofu but i honestly couldn't digest natto; the Japanese fermented soybeans. They are sticky and left a bad taste at the end of my tongue!

Now to a happier dish; the Unagi Hitsumabushi. Now, i have tried the reputable hitsumabushi from Man Man Japanese Unagi Restaurant and Unagiya Ichinoji (Suntec City) and i was managing my expectation from a non-unagi-specialized eatery. 

Sometimes, an initial visual impact may not seem useful. I thought there would be a tealight candle heating up the bowl but it really turned out to be just for display. 

I took issue more with the portion. At Man Man Japanese Unagi Restaurant and Unagiya Ichinoji (Suntec City), the hitsumabushi would be more expensive at about doubled Yayoi but you get a lot more unagi!

A small placard showing the ways to eat your unagi hitsumabushi. I think a lot of people are still not accustomed to such a pre-determined way; trust me, follow through for an enjoyable, delicious meal. Don't be like my dad; drinking the dashi on its own.

First way; on its own. Second way; with the wasabi and the spring onions. Third way; with the dashi soup. We have gone through three quarters of the division. For the last quarter, eat it in your preferred way and for me; it has always been soaking the rice and unagi with dashi soup! 

As mentioned above, i wasn't expecting much from Yayoi's hitsumabushi and given the portion; i thought i would be having a damn not worth it deal. Truth is; the rice was delicious and the unagi, while not as generous, was decent with a smoky flavour that intensified with the introduction of the dashi broth. 

Would i be back again? Oh well, i would need to spend my S$77 worth of vouchers. And it does seem like my parents did enjoy their mix mabushi teishoku.


930 Yishun Avenue 2, 
Northpoint City, #B1-103/104,
Singapore 769098


Menu (not full)
As above.

Unagi Hitsumabushi - S$20.90 
Natto - S$1.90
(Subject to GST and Service Charge)

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