Sunday, December 29, 2019

Spending Christmas at the Pool

My immediate family makes it a point to meet on Christmas Day and this year; we gathered at my sister's house! As i was one of the earliest to arrive, i decided to take the opportunity to swim in the pool of her executive condominium!

The kids joined me shortly after; unlike some condominium dwellers who literally don't use the facilities despite paying such a higher maintenance fee, i believe my sister's family is getting their money's worth. 

With an underwater camera, Jovyn couldn't stop asking me to take photos of her! She even taught me to do a back-flip with the use of the snorkeling mask so that water would not go into my nose.

I attempted asking her to do something about the bubble burst from the Jacuzzi but she either didn't get what i meant or the pressure of the water gushing out from the outlet was just too much for her to handle. Whatever the case, i gave up! 

Carrying Jovyn on the shoulders is possible only when i am in the pool. I am not a strong swimmer myself so a 1.2-meter high pool would be just about right for me.

My younger sister is picture-shy when she is unprepared for the camera but her attempts to block me turned out rather sinister! Have put in a black and white filter as she looked like some kind of paranormal kid-snatcher from some old Malay legends. 

Ended the swim and Jovyn eagerly showed me her neighbourhood; including this neighbour's cat who was comfortably resting on top of a bush! Not prickly meh!? 

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