Thursday, September 12, 2019

Mom's Birthday 2019 - The Unconventional Birthday Cake

September is a busy birthday month as just within my immediately family; there are already three persons celebrating their birthday and the first one is my dearest mom!

She had a request though. No birthday cake as she finds them fattening and being the filial son who couldn't imagine a birthday without cake; i decided to make her favourite osmanthus jelly using a bigger mold so that i can at least put up a candle.

Well aware of her obsession with 4D and TOTO; i left enough jelly to make three golden ingots as it would have represented prosperity and wealth! 

Photos with the kids; Jerald has overshot my mom in height and i think Jovyn likely would be of comparable height with my mom in mere years ahead.

Jovyn holds a special place in my mom's heart as my mother was 100% committed to taking care of her from the time she was an infant until she was about 2-3 years old. 

Thank god for just birthday songs in just English and Mandarin; it wasn't that long ago when we had four different versions and i can't go beyond my basic, elementary English and Mandarin! 

Cake slicing time! Nope, Jovyn wasn't interested in the osmanthus jelly that's filled with Chinese wolfberries and red dates but too bad; the birthday gal takes priority.

The rare family portrait; thanks to Alex who took the photo for us. And of course, happy birthday to my mom whom i know dotes on every single one of us and make it her personal crusade to ensure we are well-fed (she is a darn good cook)! 


p.s. if you need the recipe to make the delicious yet healthy osmanthus jelly, click here. It's honestly not difficult and you may even reduce the sugar by another 10-20%.

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