Monday, June 17, 2019

Getting Excited Over Sakuras @ Guiyang [Guizhou, China]

The sakura blossoms in Japan are world famous but as the air ticket and accommodation's prices are known to be exorbitant during that time; i have never even attempted to visit, especially given the fact that the blossoming dates are never confirmed until maybe a week or two before. 

Therefore, it's a treat indeed for both my dad and i to chance upon the sakura blossoms in Guiyang, the provincial capital of Guizhou! One particular tree stood out for its low-lying branches and being Singaporeans; we had to step closer for more photo taking! 

Some of our travel mates were as excited as us and we helped each other with the photo-taking. While Singapore is a tropical country with blooming flowers all over the year, it's rare to find trees that were literally covered thickly with flowers.

Dad actually loves flowers a lot and when we were in the village; he kept many pots in the garden! When we moved to the HDB flat in Yishun, he had to make do with a limited space and could, sadly, only keep a few pots. Therefore, you can see him excitedly taking out his phone camera and take picture after picture.

I prefer to take photos of my dad instead of him taking pictures of me; which he did by the way but my eye bags were too heavy for me to publish them on this blog! Hahaha!

It may not look much from the photographs taken using my phone but in real life, coupled with the cool weather, the tree was a breathtaking sight to behold and it's depressing i didn't have my DSLR with me. :( 



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