Saturday, June 22, 2019

Mizzy Corner Nasi Lemak @ Changi Village Hawker Centre [Singapore]

When it comes to Changi Village hawker center, the de-facto signature food is nasi lemak and this can be seen from the many stalls selling it! While i was aware of the above, i couldn't remember which was the original stall as there were changes to the layout after the major renovation a few years ago.

Hence, i will usually just depend on my eyes to check out the nasi lemak stalls; a queue is a good gauge but i was there early in the morning when the crowd was thin and visually, the food from the above stall appealed better to me; Mizzy Corner Nasi Lemak.

There were six basic sets with prices ranging from S$3.50 to S$5.00 but if you have a ravenous appetite, top-ups were available with options like beef rendang etc. For me, i am easily satisfied with just the basics in Set A; chicken wing, egg and ikan bilis.

The healthier thing in this plate of unhealthy food (according to some), is the use of the long grain rice. It wasn't bad although it wasn't that richly infused with coconut milk. Chicken wing was a tad salty and there's wasn't the addictive turmeric taste i enjoy from Malay style chicken wings.

Sambal was good to me as i always prefer sweet chili with a punch of aftertaste spiciness; noted this is highly contentious as the standard for chilli can go to extreme standards for Singapore residents. No comment on the ikan bilis as it's part of the set and not something i would order if it's ala-carte.


Block 2, Changi Village Rd, 
#01-26, Changi Village Hawker Centre,
Singapore 500002

As above.

Set A - S$3.50

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