Saturday, July 28, 2018

Gado & Grill Indonesian Cuisine - Grilled Chicken @ Northpoint City [Yishun, Singapore]

There are so many food choices (of various cuisines) in Northpoint nowadays that i don't even feel like going out of Yishun for meals on weekends!

Those who have been following my blog would know i have been quite active in exploring the many eateries / restaurants in Northpoint and today, i am going to touch on a Halal-certified establishment; Gado & Grill.

Concept was fast-food like where you order and pay at the counter. Anyway, i originally intended to have the ayam penyet but the aroma of grilled meat proved to be too hard to resist and i opted for a grilled chicken instead.

Indonesian style grilled chicken with a cup of the unique-tasting teh botol at an extra S$1.80 - in a way, i am glad that the chicken part given was the thigh. However, it did remind me of my bandung trip where i was dissatisfied with the overall meat portion.

It's well-known that Indonesian cuisine tends to be on the sweet side and it's as true at Gado & Grill where the marination had resulted in a nicely grilled sweetness that, thankfully, wasn't cloying. And i just love it when the same kind of sweet sauce was poured on the plain rice! 

As expected (based on experience from bandung), the meat was too lean and little for me and in comparison, i thought my mom's order of grilled fish was way more satisfying. Nevertheless, i still enjoyed the aromatic flavour of authentic Indonesian style grilled meat and see myself going back to Gado & Grill in the near future.


1 Northpoint Drive, #B1-198,
Northpoint City Shopping Mall,
Singapore 768019


As above

Grilled Chicken - S$6.50
Teh Botol (Addition) - S$1.80

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