Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Memorable Recollections - Spring Cleaning My Stuff at My Parents' House

The Home Improvement Programme (HIP) scheduled for my parents' flat kind of forced me to spring clean the items i still kept stored in their house and while a tiring chore; the session was definitely filled with memorable recollections of the past! 

There were just so many things like the three bookcases at my dad's room, the pile of things in my old room (now belonging to my sister) and items in the super messy store room.

Despite my apparently poor writing skills, i am actually quite an avid reader in the past and love books written by Jeffrey Archer, Matthew Reilly, Lesley Pearse etc. Pity i no longer read and prefer to spend my free time on Facebook instead. :(

Aside from English novels, i enjoyed reading Chinese language comic books too! As the series can get really long, i often forgot about the content and had to read from the start. My solution was not to buy until the whole series was completed. Favourite comic has to be Crayon Shinchan where i had almost the entire translated collection that i couldn't bear to part. 

I used to wear accessories like necklaces, rings etc. That was during the rebellious stage and now, i believe it's hard for you to find any accessory on my body, except for maybe the lanyard carrying my staff pass. 

Anyone still remembers this?! Friends might recall that i used to drive an off-peak car (known generally as red-plate) and the above was the day license coupon that would allow us to drive in the day (from 7am to 7pm on weekdays). I amassed a stack of them and no, they don't come cheap at S$20 apiece! 

My personal 'corner'; a shelving that housed the items with memorial value like my berets from the air force, my first stack of name cards, old wallets etc. 

Smoking was a social pastime for me before i entered the national service (NS) at age 21 and the above was supposedly my last pack of cigarettes that i didn't even manage to open and decided to call it quits! 

Love peas that i diligently picked from the compound of Saint Andrews Cathedral (next to City Hall MRT station). Commonly known as jequirity, the seeds are actually toxic and just one could kill an adult. 

I was a dental orderly in my NS days and the best physical memory that i brought home was the many wisdom teeth extracted in the clinic i was attached to! Please be assured that all of them were sterilized and taken from patients who didn't want to keep their extracted tooth. Why not right?! 

Lastly, a piggy bank that my parents didn't want and i gladly decided to 'adopt' it for my family of pigs at home! Maybe i should come out with a separate posting on the number of pigs i have in my possession; friends who visited were often shocked of my collection!

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