Saturday, January 06, 2018

My Second Mark of Honour (or Shame as some prefer to call it) from the Electric Kettle!

The scar on my forearm that I got from the car accident on Jeju Island is quite faded now and a colleague has been encouraging me to post an update on this blog. But before I could do that (due to massive procrastination), another mark had staked its claim! 

Well, it's a burn mark once again and its origin was deemed as a mark of shame according to a couple of my friends as the injury was not a result of my baking or cooking. 

To keep the long story short - I was boiling water in an electric kettle and needed to move a tray of eggs to behind the kettle. The water reached the boiling point when my forearm was across the kettle's mouth and the steam scalded it. 

In my haste to withdraw my arm, I brushed it against the kettle's insanely hot metal mouth. Double whammy but I didn't freak out. Such incidents are not uncommon and I immediately slabbed Bao Fu Ling cream on the affected spot. 

The pain subsided although the rapidly formed water blister remained intact.

Given how much I moved my body while sleeping, it's almost a guarantee that it would burst the next morning! Thinking it would heal in no time, I put on some cream and went to work. 

Wrong! More water blisters formed! 

I didn't feel much pain until I took a bath and even then, it was just a sizzlingly hot sensation for just a few moments. At that time, I had clean forgotten that water is a literal nemesis for fresh burn wounds. 

With the skin peeling off and exposing the flesh, I knew the situation was bad yet I was too afraid to visit my family's doctor in case I were to get a verbal thrashing for not managing the burn in the first place! 

Thinking the cream might worsen it at this stage, I opted for my second best treatment; the topical skin healer from Pharma House. It's actually for pets but it's a fantastic product for the humans in the household! 

Uh oh - the wound had dried up although it's obvious that the surrounding area had turned bright red; a sign of infection that could be disastrous if not treated in time.

Stubbornness runs in my blood and I decided to give it a few more days! As you see from the above, the situation had improved in the next two days with the formation of new layers of skin.

Within long, the scabs started falling off! Hurray! 

This is the look of my second mark of honour three weeks after the electric kettle incident. It's definitely going to scar but time would fade; as it did with the Jeju Island car accident mark next to it.

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