Thursday, June 22, 2017

Numerous Burns While Baking & The Remedy to Treat the Burns!

Baking is a newfound hobby that i have enjoyed for the past one year but being a rather careless person, getting burns on my hands were common in the beginning and the painful lessons had taught me to be more careful whenever i bake. 

However, i got a rather bad burn on my hand in my recent baking session with Joyce's mother in law; due to the haste for which i had to take out the kueh lapis tray to add another layer! 

It was a lot redder in reality and the above photograph was taken a day later as i didn't think of blogging about it initially.

My family swears by a cream that's like a miracle remedy for any burns and the immediate instinct after i burnt my hand was to smear the burn area with a significant amount of the magical cream; it will cool the injury and you wouldn't even feel much pain after that. 

Condition after a week where the new skin started to form. I had to put on the cream on a daily basis, preferably twice a day although i tried to maintain at least once a day. 

10 days later.

I am quite impressed that i exercised diligence in spreading the cream daily. Normally, the scatter-brain in me would remember today, forget tomorrow and remember once again a few days later.

In slightly less than 3 weeks, the burn mark was hardly noticeable and there's not much scarring! Thanks to Bao Fu Ling (宝肤灵); the cream that my family would always buy whenever we go to China on a tour package! It's quite pricey at about S$60 for a 100-gram bottle but its results are remarkable when it comes to burns! 

Remember, the authentic ones come from a medicinal hall in China known as 宝树堂 and although you may find similar ones in Singapore / Malaysia, i am not sure if they are the "real" ones. 

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