Sunday, June 18, 2017

Buta God Tonkotsu God Ramen @ Bugis Plus Ramen Champion [Singapore]

I cannot imagine I am back again at Ramen Champion but I couldn't help it when the ramen craving struck and there's always a wide variety for us to choose from at Ramen Champion; an advantage given that Alex is extremely picky when it comes to his meals. 

This time, my decision was for Buta God even though most votes at the moment were for Menya Ryu. Well, it's named after a god for a reason and I am going to find out if it's worth my money. 

Could I just include a small little feedback about the payment token given to us at the point of entry? I could feel the elastic band suffocating my wrist and couldn't imagine the discomfort from a person with thicker wrist! 

You know how sometimes the food on the menu doesn't appear to be even remotely similar to what you received? That's not the case at Buta God and my bowl of the thumbs-up God Ramen was almost the same with a perfect onsen egg; save for maybe the colour of the pork belly which appeared lighter on the menu.

Tonkotsu is a ramen style that's known for its time-consuming broth made from pork bones and this would not disappoint those looking for an intense flavour that hovers way past the porky taste. Not my kind of soup although there's an addictive richness added with a tinge of sweetness masking the conventional porkiness that I would have usually reject. 

Noodles were too hard for my liking and coming to the generous serving of pork belly; as Buta refers to pork in Japanese, I am expecting a certain level of tender softness from the pork in the ramen. It wasn't the case, chewy and tough would be my truthful review; i wonder if things would be different if i take lesser photographs and save like 20-30 seconds. 

Didn't finish the soup at the end as it got a little bit too overbearing and i was looking forward to a cup of water to wash down the savouriness. 


201, Victoria Street, #04-10, 
Bugis+, Buta God, Ramen Champion, 
Singapore 188067

As above.

As above.

God Ramen - S$15.00
(Subject to GST)

Review of Competitors

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