Friday, May 26, 2017

The Coconut Club (Kelab Kelapa / 椰子俱乐部 / தேங்காய் கிளப்) with its Expensive Nasi Lemak & Super Good Cendol @ Ann Siang Hill [Singapore's Chinatown] #thecoconutclubsg

I am no stranger to Ann Siang Hill; in past Lunar New Year eves, i would park my car at the less crowded Amoy area and cut across to Chinatown on foot via the road named after a hill.

My memory spoke of a lot of pubs and to be totally honest, i don't remember i have ever dined at any of the establishments along the road. Hence, i was keen to take up Vanessa's suggestion for a weekend lunch at The Coconut Club even though she had kindly warned me; the signature nasi lemak would be expensive.

With tall bar stools placed outside the restaurant, i guess it would be reasonable for anyone to assume that a pub was in operation. I am making things easier for you; look out for the bright blue awning!

Aside from the awning, you may look out for the signboard; how often would you find a commercial entity that has its name written in all four main languages of Singapore?!

The above picture was taken when we were done with our meals but when we arrived at 3.07 pm, which was past lunch hour by the way, the whole place was packed with customers hungry for the nasi lemak!

I mentioned nasi lemak because that's the only main meal on the one-page menu! With consumers spoilt for choices in food-aplenty Singapore, i cannot imagine that an eatery can have such good business with just one signature dish.

Staff was quick to seat us down, take our orders (which didn't take long since we didn't have many to choose from anyway) and we didn't even have to wait long (reminder, there's only one main dish on the menu)!

Homemade Ice Lemongrass Tea - this would appeal to those who frequently complained that their lemongrass drink was either too sweet or too bland; what i love most was the addition of kaffir lime with its unmistakable fragrance as it gave a touch of uniqueness to this thirst quenching beverage.

Otak Otak - priced at S$8.50, my eyes almost popped out from their respective socket since i only needed to pay a couple of doors to get another serving of the nasi lemak.

However, it generated interest and curiosity; so expensive must be quite different from those cheap NO. 6 Ann Siang Hill Singapore 069787ones in the market right? Freshly steamed, this was spicy with generous chunks of fish meat although to be frank, i wouldn't fork out S$8.50 for it...

Nasi Lemak - now coming to the dish that has generated a lot of buzz among foodies. One look and i am already skeptical; there's absolutely nothing visually impactful to justify the expensive price of S$12.80! The skepticism disappeared when i took a bite of the rice.

Never have i had nasi lemak rice that was so richly infused with coconut milk that's said to be hand squeezed from specially selected coconut. It was so delicious; i was tempted to ask for extra rice despite the fact that it's usually more probable for me to request for lesser rice. Another notable item was the two pieces of fried chicken that were marinated in the classic Malay style that's i like so so much! Shall get my mom to try the nasi lemak but i am not going to tell her the price!

Cendol - another item that i would strongly recommend all customers to order; of course, i would have to compare it to my favourite Jin Jin power cendol and the verdict is that while Jin Jin is cheaper and bigger in portion, The Coconut Club's version was less sweet and just like the nasi lemak, the smooth coconut milk really made a huge difference in the taste.

Don't bother getting one to share among yourselves; we attempted and failed miserably as we eventually still had to order another one. Couldn't resist at all as the cendol was so good!


6 Ann Siang Hill,
Singapore 069787


As above.

Operating Hours
Tuesdays to Sundays - 11.00 am to 3.00 pm 
Tuesdays to Saturdays - 6.00 pm to 9.30 pm
Mondays - Closed


As above.


Homemade Ice Lemongrass Tea - S$3.00
Otak Otak - S$8.50
Nasi Lemak - S$12.80
Cendol - S$3.80
(Inclusive of GST and No Service Charge)

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