Friday, May 19, 2017

Tenderfresh Classic (可愛雞) - More Than Just Fried Chicken @ Punggol Waterway Point [Singapore]

Tenderfresh (可愛雞) holds a lot of memories for heartlanders in Singapore and i guess it's time for a brand upgrade for a company that started from fried chicken and western stalls in coffee shops! 

Now introducing the halal certified restaurant concept, Tenderfresh Classic is guaranteed to give KFC and Arnold's Chicken a run for the lucrative fried chicken money.

I have been waiting to try ever since i chanced upon its first Tenderfresh Classic outlet at Cheong Chin Nam road (opposite Beauty World) although i didn't take any action until i won a contest on the local radio station, UFM 100.3! Prize was a S$100 gift certificate at Tenderfresh Classic! 

Even then, i procrastinated until the expiry date of the voucher edged nearer! Next was to decide which outlet and as the pricing for each dish was on average about S$10, i invited my sister's parents-in-law and the most convenient location is Punggol Waterway Point!   

You have more than just fried chicken dishes on the menu; there's new fusion pasta too that i would share a few later in this post! Ordering would be at the counter and payment shall be required before the cashier passes the pager needed to collect your food later. 

Remember to collect your cutlery, sauces and serviettes near the collection counter. We happily collected the food and totally forgotten about the cutlery. p.s. we did assume the cutlery would be placed in a holder on our table though. 
Creamy Mussel Pot - i found this a bit too small although i don't think we can complain when the price was S$6.90. Nevertheless, it was buttery, creamy and i personally prefer the sauce to be thicker so that i can spread it better on the toast. 

Onion Blossom - a must order and a delightful snack to indulge in! Fried to a crisp, the texture remained crispy after a while and it wasn't cloyingly oily! 

Grilled Salmon with Sambal - fish was overcooked and there's an unmistakable fishiness to the taste. At S$17.50 a plate, we definitely deserved better. 

Laksa Prawn Spaghetti - this was seriously not bad with a rich, aromatic broth that's made with coconut milk. Even though i would still prefer my laksa with thick bee hoon, this is an interesting version for those who are better accustomed to western noodles like spaghetti. 

Chilli Crab Pasta - despite this being a good effort to incorporate local dishes, it tasted more like sambal crab and i failed to associate it with chilli crab. 

Honey Glazed BBQ Whole - the honeyed marination was a tad too weak for me and i would definitely welcome a sweeter sensation. Anyway, i don't enjoy whole chicken; not when the entire butt was facing me! 

Leg of Beauty Udon - sounding a bit cannibalistic, this was like the highlight of our visit and it's not chicken that stole the limelight. It's surprisingly the udon which had a sour-sweetness to it and tasted intensively garlicky too! 

Tender Set (5 pieces) - basically your good, old fried chicken batter that always tasted like you went back to the time when you were a kid and was enjoying your first piece of fried chicken! 

83 Punggol Central, 
Waterway Point, #B2-04,
Singapore 828761

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Creamy Mussel Pot - S$6.90
Onion Blossom - S$6.90
Grilled Salmon with Sambal - S$17.50
Laksa Prawn Spaghetti - S$9.90
Chilli Crab Pasta - S$10.90
Honey Glazed BBQ Whole - S$18.90
Leg of Beauty Udon - S$10.90
Tender Set (5 pieces) - S$17.00
(Inclusive of GST)

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