Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Jang Won Korean BBQ Charcoal Restaurant - Incredibly Priced Korean BBQ @ Johor Bahru [Malaysia]

I would never have thought of travelling to this part of Johor Bahru (JB) without a car but with GRAB, anywhere is possible and especially Jang Won Korean BBQ restaurant came strongly recommended by my sister's friend!

Do note that the restaurant is on the second floor and if it happens to be raining, as it did when we dropped by last Tuesday, be prepared to have raindrops falling on you as the staircase isn't sheltered.

Non-air-conditioned section of the restaurant - there's an air-conditioned area further in but the weather was rather cool and we figured outdoor seating would do just fine; at the very least, we wouldn't stink like hell after the meal

Another advantage of outdoor seating; you could look across the promenade where Singapore is! The three red-white pillars belong to the largest power station in the little red dot; Senoko Power Station.

A kid's playroom for those with hyperactive kids; however, the scale is much smaller than the one at Singapore's Ju Shin Jung and i doubt kids can self entertain for very long in the room. Oh well, better than nothing right?!

We deliberated a long while on what to have as everything looked so good and the pricing was way more economical compared to Singapore; to put it in perspective, a Korean seafood pancake (priced at RM 25) would have cost a ridiculous S$20 back home.

A plastic container of barley tea; hot was available for those who dislike cold drinks. Anyway, we decided on having a set known as Course B instead as it offered three types of meat and a kimchi hot pot!

The allure of charcoal-based grill; deemed to be the best way to grill meat, please be assured that there's minimal smoke emitted throughout our meal.

Complementary side dishes - 15 in total, i took a pick at every single one and my verdict would be that i am generally satisfied although the kimchi might be a tad too sweet for some. Even the cut seaweed had sugar sprinklers on them.

Steamed egg in a bowl which came with the course; this reminded me of Jeju's Hwaro Hyang restaurant where we had the island's signature black pork and the steamed egg was free too!

Lettuce for the grilled meat - as my stomach already had something before Jang Won, i knew i wouldn't be taking any vegetables; let the juicy meat fill my tummy instead.

Samgyeopsal (grilled pork belly) - the first course!

The other two types of meat were dwaeji galbi (pork spareribs) and dak bulgogi (marinated Korean chicken). I thought the portions were relatively decent.

Kimchi hotpot - our last course! It was placed at the side and you may start the fire to warm up and cook the ingredients within when you are done with your charcoal grilled meat.

Pork belly was finally done and despite saying all this while that non-marinated meat doesn't elicit much of a favourable opinion; i believe i am eating my words today as it really depends on who grilled them as these were grilled perfectly!

I was as impressed with the pork spareribs and chicken bulgogi and it's obvious i couldn't stop my silver chopsticks from continuously sticking into the grill. p.s. the restaurant staff would automatically change the grill to a new one once they note the charred layer.

Starting on the kimchi hot pot with ingredients like tofu, sausages, luncheon meat, glass noodles, tteokbokki, enoki mushrooms and, kimchi.

Maybe it's my fault for assuming it was army stew as i didn't find it fantastic and thought the broth was a bit too thin for my liking. Nevertheless, i wouldn't have liked it as a kimchi hot pot too for the aforementioned reasons and having had really good tteokbokki at Dookki, i found the tteokbokki a bit too sticky for my liking.

Free scoop of ice cream in a cone for every customer! Notwithstanding the kimchi hot pot, i would be back for the incredibly priced Korean BBQ! I had the intention to go again today but Alex had stomachache. :(


K3-211, Block C, 2nd Floor, Perniagaan Stulang Laut, 
Jalan Ibrahim Sultan, Taman Stulang Laut, 
80300 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia
(Near Berjaya Waterfront)

As above.

Operating Hours
11.00 am to 11.00 pm


Course B - RM 135
(Subject to GST)

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