Monday, March 06, 2017

Interesting Sights near Bandung - Helmet for Motorcyclists Is Not 100% Enforced! @ Indonesia

Travelling to other countries allows us to compare with our home country and not necessarily for the worse as the comparison is generally a matter of individual perspective.

For example, the thought running through my mum's mind when she saw the young motorcyclist without a helmet would probably be "That's dangerous. He might hurt himself and his parents, who took pains to raise him, will be devastated".

But a majority of the motorcyclists at the outskirts of Bandung travel without donning the helmet and it could be an accepted norm. It might be illegal according to the books although from the look of it, enforcement just isn't strict enough. 

Taken from my perspective, i will be motivated to go for a motorcyclist license if i don't have to wear the helmet. Given the texture of my hair, i would likely be donning a helmet hairstyle (as in flattened hair) if i have to wear one for extended period of time! Hence, in my case, i am actually envious! 

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