Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Bao Today (包今天) @ Marina Square [Singapore]

A cheeky take on Justice Bao (the famous legendary judge in the Song Dynasty), this dim sum eatery had been at Marina Square for a long time and although attracting my attention every time i walked past, it wasn't until last weekend that i finally got myself seated in its premises! 

It didn't take me long to tick off what i wanted from the order list; the typical dim sum dishes that everyone would have on their table. Most importantly, i needed a drink and my parched throat finally got soothed by the sweet yet richly infused honey chrysanthemum tea. 

Alex opted for Chinese tea and got a shock when this bowl of hot tea was placed in front of him. His immediate retort was an exaggerated "how to drink like that?!" as he had expected either a pot of hot Chinese or refillable Chinese tea in a tea cup. 

Har Gow (Prawn Dumpling) - no complaint even though i must admit i am seldom incredibly impressed with har gow and would be easily satisfied so long they don't come with a thick layer of skin and the prawns tasted fresh.

Siew Mai - Another of those basket dim sum that one would typical order; these were not too bad and i could actually have second helping if not for consideration for the plate of chee cheong fun that had yet to arrive on my table. 

Chee Cheong Fun (Prawns) - Alex is actually quite easy to take care of since he usually goes for the same thing and for dim sum, you can just throw him order a few plates of chee cheong fun and he will be happy. Hence, he asked for two plates of chee cheong fun as he didn't want to share! 

Two issues with the chee cheong fun; the sauce wasn't flavourful enough and my taste buds would be better off smearing the chee cheong fun with chilli sauce; secondly, the prawns in the middle of the folds had a weird, flattened shape with a dense, dry texture. 

Golden Sand Bao - despite its vivid green coloring (reminding me of the pandan chiffon cakes that i have been baking recently), these buns had a light subtle pandan fragrance that didn't have that artificial aftertaste my pandan chiffon cake had, which is a good thing. 

And of course i couldn't resist biting off just a small chunk of the green bun to expose the rich, thick and creamy salted egg sauce! Yummy indeed! 

Red Bean and Banana Pastry - these were addictive and mind you, they were scalding hot; do handle them carefully as i burned the corner of my mouth in my excitement! I so love the combination of red bean paste and mashed banana and enjoy them better when a generous amount of them are encapsulated in thin, deep fried pastry; as in this case!  


Overall, some hits and misses and i definitely wouldn't mind dropping by again or their golden sand bao and the red bean and banana pastry! 

6 Raffles Boulevard, 
#02-234/235/236, Marina Square
Singapore 039594

Order List
As above.

Homemade Chrysanthemum Tea - S$1.80
Chinese Tea - S$1.20
Har Gow (3 Prawn Dumplings) - S$4.50
Siew Mai (3) - S$4.50
Chee Cheong Fun (Prawns) - S$4.20
Golden Sand Bao (2) - S$3.00
Red Bean and Banana Pastry (3) - S$3.80
(Subject to GST and Service Charge)

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