Sunday, February 12, 2017

Cute Lizard Caught at Home!

The one living creature i hesitate to touch the most is the snake and another reptile, the lizard / gecko, is ranked second. However, given their quantity, i am more likely to chance upon a lizard and had in fact "met one" in the office

In term of courage and bravery, Alex is nowhere near my level but when it comes to lizards, he has absolutely no problem and gamely cornered this little fellow that was climbing up my main door! 

He even allowed it to crawl on his skin; the thought of it was just so disgusting! And what's more, it's right in front of me and i was watching it live! Furthermore, i doubt Alex has the knowledge on whether this particular species is poisonous.

While on the short 'lift' journey, i came to realise this lizard exhibited ultra cuteness with black beady eyes that looked at us with an adorable curiosity. Damn, i almost wanted to bring it back so that it can become my house lizard and eliminate those irritating mosquitoes and fruit flies. 

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