Thursday, December 22, 2016

Millipede Outside the Office

I was investigating the mystery of red droplets on the floor outside my office when i spotted something crawling past me! 

The elongated body should have totally freaked me out but from the corner of my eye where i caught the movement, i noted it was rather small with hairline legs that moved in synchronized motion; a millipede.

At least in Singapore, i have not seen the arthropod for ages and for that initial moment, was wondering if it was a centipede! Knowing that the millipede would not likely survive in such an open area, the kind-hearted soul in me proceeded to pick it up; as part of its natural instinct, it immediately curled into a coil, an action said to protect their delicate legs. 

I put it in the soil of a nearby planter. On second thought, i should have hidden it underneath some foliage as our area was regularly visited by birds! Oh well, the human kind intervention doesn't always result in a good ending. 

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